Data Recovery

Seagate Data Recovery Service

No matter how well we humans plan, there's always that Murphy character and his Law. Fire? Flood? Lightning? Five year old with a thing for magnets?

ITS can assist with data restoration and even low level data recovery in the case of physical disk damage to hard drives, removeable drives, flash memory drives, tapes, and more.

Most of the time when we are called by someone who was told their drive was "dead" by a manufacturer's on site repair technician, the drive is easily recoverable! ITS can resolve many types of hard disk problems in our office. We also partner with Seagate Recovery Services (formerly ActionFront) who can perform low level data recovery and reconstruction in a clean room environment.

Please give us a call to take a look at your drive. If it is a serious physical problem and we need to pass it on to Seagate Recovery Services, they do provide free estimates for data recovery for referrals from ITS (a savings of $50). Their lab is located in Schaumburg, facilitating quick shipping or drop-off and pick-up.