Microsoft Word: Change Default Font; Add Line Numbers

In this article we explain how to change Word's default font for new documents, as well as how to add automatic line numbering to documents, or portions of a document.

Change Word's Default Font

The default font in Microsoft Word is Times New Roman, or Calibri for Word 2007. To have all newly created documents start with a different font, click the Format/Font menu item to display the Font dialog (in Word 2007 click the small symbol next to "Font" on the button bar, or press CTRL+D).

In the Font dialog, select a typeface, size, and any other settings, then click the Default button. Word will display a message dialog asking if you want to change the default font, and have the change affect all new documents. Click Yes.

Add Line Numbers To Word Documents

If you work with long documents or contracts you may need to discuss certain sections with clients or colleagues. Word can automatically print documents with line numbers for each line, in the margin. To set this up:

  • Switch to Print Layout view by selecting View/Print Layout from the menu (Word 2007 has this setting on the View tab).
  • Select the text to be numbered, or select nothing to number the entire document.
  • Select the File/Page Setup menu item, and click the Layout tab.
    (Word 2007 users, click the Page Layout tab)
  • Click the Line Numbers button. Select the Add Line Numbering check box, and customize as desired.
    (Word 2007 users, click the Line Numbers drop down on the button bar)


December 2008

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