Mastering Your Web Browser

Handling multiple pages

When following multiple links from one page it is usually easier to open them in new windows rather than go back and forth between pages. To do so, right click the link and choose Open In New Window. Netscape, Firefox, and Opera users can reduce window clutter by opening links into another tab within the browser, and even bookmark tab groups to open multiple pages at once.

Close old windows

Use CTRL+W to close the current browser window quickly. This trick also works for Windows Explorer, My Computer, or other folders, and document windows within many applications.

Eliminate popup ads

If you are tired of popups and do not want to wait for the next version of Internet Explorer, all the browsers mentioned above already include popup blocking features. Netscape, for instance, is configured via Edit/Preferences/Privacy & Security/Popup Windows and users can specify which sites not to block.

Save paper

Use the Print Preview functionality in recent browser versions to see what will print. Some pages may have a link to a "printable" version, or must be set to use landscape mode when printing to print the full page contents.

Save bookmarks instantly

Drag the icon next to a web site's URL (address) to your desktop or into a document to create a link to that site. Drag it to the Links toolbar within your browser to save a one-click bookmark.

Organize your Favorites

Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7 users can drag bookmarks around within their browser's Favorites/Bookmarks menu, or for finer control use the Organize Favorites and Manage Bookmarks menu items, respectively, to create folders and sort bookmarks by site, by topic, or whatever is easiest for you!

April 2004

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