Windows 98, Me Support Ends; XP SP1 Soon

Effective July 11, Microsoft ended support for Windows 98 and Windows Me.  This means no more security updates will be provided.  Support for Windows XP with Service Pack 1 ends in October, 2006, so users should plan to upgrade to Service Pack 2 by then to keep receiving security updates.

Microsoft's product lifecycle statement says they will most support older business software for five years after release, plus another five years of security updates. They will also support the current service pack version plus one year of support for the previous service pack version. After the "Extended" support phase ends, customers can still look up older support articles online, but no new patches will be developed - even if a new security vulnerability is found.

Accordingly ITS recommends that PCs with Windows 98 be replaced, as they are likely too old to be upgraded. A newer PC will also be much faster for your employees.

August 2006

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