ITS Mail Guard Stops Spam Cold

In July ITS launched a new, managed anti-spam service designed for any company with its own domain name, with zero installation on users’ PCs. So far, ITS Mail Guard is blocking spam at a rate of about 82,000 messages per month - just shy of 1 million per year!  It will work whether or not ITS hosts your web site and is great for in-office mail servers like Microsoft Exchange and users who use a BlackBerry or WebMail to retrieve e-mail out of the office.

ITS Mail Guard is different from any in-office spam solution because it does not need to be installed on office PCs or on the mail server, and is continually tweaked and updated by the updates need to be installed. Further many software solutions are "heuristics" based, meaning they determine spam by the textual content of the message. Unfortunately spammers have learned this and are increasingly delivering spam that includes only images, and no text. Tracking spam by domain name is difficult as spammers rotate through domain names quickly...of the 35 million domain names registered in April 2006, 32 million were not paid for and expired after a few days.

Our ITS Mail Guard service monitors incoming e-mail and quarantines suspected junk mail messages and viruses, preventing them from ever reaching your office PCs. Users can then view quarantined messages and optionally "release" selected messages for delivery.

For more information on starting a free trial of ITS Mail Guard, click the link below.

August 2006

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