Business Owners: Save Thousands Of Dollars In 2009, And Beyond

This article has been updated due to changes in the recently passed 2009 stimulus bill.

  • Tax Savings To Use Before December 31
  • Microsoft Wants To Give You Money
  • High Phone Bills? Save With VoIP
  • Non-Profits: Software At 90% Off

Tax Savings To Use Before December 31

Business owners take note: as part of the 2009 economic stimulus legislation, Congress extended the temporarily-raised limit for "Section 179" tax deductions of $250,000 for 2009, over twice the normal amount. This means that many more expenses can be immediately deducted on your firm's 2008 tax return instead of depreciated over the next few years. Computer hardware and software are examples of such expenses. If you are thinking about upgrading or replacing a PC or server, you may be better off doing it before the end of the year and saving on your 2009 income tax.

If your business has a loss in 2009, you can still benefit...the amount will generally roll forward to be deducted in future years. In some cases losses in 2008 and 2009 can be rolled backward as well.

Also, new equipment and software placed into service by the end 2009 in excess of the "179" amount, qualifies for a special 50% first-year bonus depreciation, allowing your business to write off purchases faster, and save on taxes.

As always with tax items, check with your accountant for details.

Microsoft Wants To Give You Money

Microsoft has so much money they want to give some away! Businesses that purchase software before the end of the year may be eligible for a rebate check from Microsoft, to use on services from ITS such as installation and configuration. These rebates can be worth thousands of dollars, depending on the software purchased. Call our office for details.

High Phone Bills? Save Thousands of Dollars With VoIP

Businesses (or home users!) that make a lot of long distance or international calls can benefit from getting voice over IP (VoIP) phone service from one of ITS's partners. As we detailed in a previous article, ITS still saves thousands of dollars each year after switching to a combination Internet and phone service two years ago. Our partners can even provide features like free long distance and international calling, or cell phones that share the company long distance minutes. Call quality has been excellent and we don't hesitate to recommend our partners' VoIP service as a solution for our clients.

If you are interested, call our office at 630-420-2550. We will verify service, and provide a quote and our personal recommendation.

Non-Profits: Software At 90% Off

If your organization is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, it can save thousands of dollars on software from Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, and others. Discounts of 90% or more can apply. Any time your organization plans to purchase software, contact ITS and we can help you order the software at a massive discount.

December 2008
Updated January 2009

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