ASCII Member

ASCII logoITS is a proud member of the ASCII Group!

What is the ASCII Group?

The ASCII Group, Inc., was founded in 1984 to represent independent IT suppliers in the U.S. and Canada. Today the organization is over 2,000 members strong, and growing. ASCII is comprised of value-added resellers, systems integrators, network consultants, and other independent retailers. Its members are committed to providing competitive pricing (courtesy of ASCII's volume buying discounts) and exemplary service.

Are ASCII members just service providers?

ASCII headquarters provides its members with valuable business tools, such as legal contracts, marketing services, industry news and training through its members-only content on ASCII.COM, training and information seminars, and corporate resources. ASCII's programs help strengthen the businesses of independent resellers.

ASCII's national network provides an effective information exchange between members to help solve technical and business issues, enabling them to provide support beyond that of a typical reseller. As a result, ASCII members offer the personal attention of an independent local company with the industry clout of a big business, making them your business partner as well as your service provider.

Why should I buy information technology from an ASCII reseller?

Members of the ASCII Group proudly adhere to the ASCII Code of Ethics, a reseller's pledge to provide professional service. Thus, the ASCII logo represents a brand you can trust. Also, ASCII members can offer competitive pricing on technology products because they receive volume discounts. They are dedicated to delivering the best service possible, utilizing a knowledgeable staff of trained and certified professionals.

ASCII members are experienced in determining needs and configuring equipment, integrating cross-platform systems, and developing custom hardware and software solutions. They understand that customers have needs after their equipment is bought, and provide after-sale support, training, repairs, or upgrades.

Your local ASCII member is a part of your community. They are dedicated to offering you the convenience you need and the personal touch you deserve. For a decision as important as choosing technology solutions, don't take chances. An ASCII dealer will supply the service and support you need, before during, and after the sale.

The ASCII Group Code of Ethics

As a technology reseller of The ASCII Group, Inc., we pledge to:

Be Professional

  • Conduct all business at the highest standard of ethics.
  • Communicate honestly and effectively with customers to accurately describe products, prices, capabilities and services.
  • Only undertake technical assignments for which we are qualified.
  • Provide clear and accurate communications of terms and conditions of the sale including warranties, available service, and return policies.

Provide Customer Support

  • We will service what we sell or partner with an organization that will provide service for our customers.
  • We will, to the best of our ability, accurately represent the amount of time necessary to effect a repair or assignment.