Users Managing user accounts, groups, and file permissions.
Sub-hosting How to configure your Apache Web Server for Sub-hosted domain names.
Sub-hosting E-Mail Using virtusertable to configure domain-based E-Mail delivery.
Program Scheduling The cron program scheduler permits you to run programs at specified times.
Running Programs at Start-up The rc utility will run specified scripts when the server boots.
SSL Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) adds encryption to Web, FTP, and E-Mail connections.
Digital Certificates Using and installing Digital Certificates.
SSH SSH provides an encrypted shell connection to your server.
E-Mail Encryption PGP and GnuPG encrypt file or E-Mail content for secure transmission.
Password Security Passwords are the front-line defense against intruders on your server.
FTP Client Configuring and using FTP client programs to transfer files to and from your server.
FTP Server Configuring your server's FTP settings.
E-Mail Client Configuring and using E-Mail client programs (such as Eudora, Outlook, etc.) with your server.
E-Mail Server Configuring your E-Mail server.
  • Automatic Reply - Send automated responses to incoming E-mail.
  • ClamAV - Scan E-Mail messages for malicious viruses.
  • Mailing Lists- Mailing lists provide a means for large groups of people to share information.
  • Procmail- E-mail filtering utility.
  • Anti-Spam Tools- Prevent spammers from abusing your server for sending or recieving unsolicited E-Mail.
Shell Clients SSH and Telnet client programs allow you to run commands directly on your server.
Shell Tools Commands, utilities, and information about using the UNIX shell.
Web Server
Apache The Apache Web Server can be customized to suit your needs.
Web Log Files Web server log files are used to record and monitor activity on your Web server.
  • Log File Analyzers - Web Log Analyzers interpret your log files and provide relevant, useful reports.
  • Log File Rotation - Archive or delete old log files to avoid wasting disk space.
Apache Modules

Expand the capabilities of your Web server.

CGI Customize your Web site with programs to enhance the user experience.
  • CGI Library - several popular, simple CGI scripts.
  • FreeBSD Ports Collection - The FreeBSD Ports collection includes a number of third-party CGI programs.
  • Vinstall Modules - Some of the more popular CGI scripts can be installed using the vinstall utility.
Site Search Allow visitors to search your web site.
  • ht://Dig - ht://Dig is an advanced Web-site search utility.
  • Namazu - Web-site search utility which includes support for Japanese language characters.
  • SWISH-E - The SWISH-E program can be used to index and search files on your server.
Content Management Edit files on your web site.
  • Frontpage - Microsoft Frontpage is an easy to use utility for creating and publishing Web sites.
  • Zope - Zope is a content-management system built with the python programming language.
  • Share360/Cybozu - Cybozu (called Share360 for the English-speaking market) is a robust groupware system with integrated support for Japanese language characters.
Add Ons
FreeBSD Ports There are a large number of add-on programs included as vinstall packages or as part of the FreeBSD ports collection which can be used to expand the capabilities of your server.
Control Panels
  • iManager - iManager allows users to access the server using a Web-based graphical interface.
  • Webmin - Server administrators can perform many of their administrative tasks using Webmin. Usermin is an add-on package that provides end-users a graphical interface to the server as well.
  • Twig - TWIG is a Web-based E-Mail and Newsgroup client program.
  • MySQL - MySQL is one of the most popular open-source database servers available.
  • PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL is among the most powerful open-source SQL database server.
Programming Languages
  • Miva Empresa - Miva Empresa is a scripting language, most frequently used in conjunction with Miva Merchant.
  • Perl - The Perl programming language is one of the most powerful and popular scripting languages in use.
  • PHP - PHP allows you to create dynamic Web site content, including interfacing with a database.
    - ZendOptimizer - Improve the efficiency and speed of your PHP scripts using ZendOptimizer.
  • Python - Python is a powerful scripting language.
  • Java - Java is a platform and O/S independent programming language popular for Web programming.
File Sharing/Networking The Samba filesharing program allows your PC to access your server as if it were a local disk drive.
Miva Merchant Miva Merchant is a popular tool for creating on-line store-fronts and product catalogs.

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