Namazu (Japanese for 'catfish') is a flexible search engine that can be configured to index the content of your Web site, or even your E-mail or personal files. Namazu supports several different languages, and with the help of Kakasi, ChaSen, and nkf, is able to capably deal with multiple character sets.


Namazu is part of the Ports Collection.

Configuration and Usage

Once Namazu is installed on your Virtual Private Server, you can use the mknmz command to create an index. For information on using the mknmz command, see the mknmz documentation. In addition to using numerous flags with the mknmz command, you can create a mknmzrc file to tell mknmz how to behave.

With your site indexed, the namazu command can be used to search your site from the command prompt, or you can use namazu.cgi in your ~/www/cgi-bin/ directory to perform searches from a Web browser.


There is extensive documentation of Namazu at the Web site. Two good places to start are the Namazu Tutorial and the Namazu Manual.

Kakasi - Kanji Kana Simple Inverter
KAKASI is the language processing filter to convert Kanji characters to Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji and may be helpful to read Japanese documents.

ChaSen - Morphological Analyzer
ChaSen analyzes phrases and groups of words in order to create contextually accurate associations.

nkf - Network Kanji code conversion Filter
nkf is another converter that is able to recognize different types of Kanji code and convert them to a different type. For help using nkf, run the following command from your Virtual Private Server command prompt.

# man nkf

In addition to the standalone libraries, Kakasi, ChaSen, and nkf also exist as Perl Modules, which are installed along with the free standing versions, and as PHP extensions.

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