Optimizer LogoRun encoded files and enhance the performance of your PHP scripts - FREE. The Zend Optimizer is a passive module that runs within the framework of PHP. It uses multi-pass code optimizations to theoretically double the running speed of PHP4 applications.

This add-on is appropriate for all PHP users, who can benefit from the better response time featured by the product. The increase in speed for running PHP code reduces the CPU load for the server, and cuts latency time in half.


Perform the following steps to install Zend Optimizer:

  1. Licensing for Zend Optimizer requires that you download the FreeBSD 4.0 package from their site. Download the compressed file to your VPS v2 /var/distfiles directory.

  2. Connect to your Virtual Private Server via SSH, su to root, and issue this command:

    # vinstall ZendOptimizer
  3. Restart Apache.

More Information

If you have problems or questions about the Zend Optimizer, you can use the online Optimizer forum.

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