Miva Empresa is the run-time interpreter for MivaScript, a platform-independent scripting language intended for the creation of dynamic Web content. One of the most popular uses for Miva Empresa is with the Miva Merchant E-commerce package. Miva Empresa is compatible with many of the standard Web development protocols, including HTML, XML, CGI, ODBC, JAVASCRIPT, and JAVA

NOTE: Miva has learned of a security issue in the 3.91 release of Miva Empresa. You are at risk if your server is running this or an earlier version of Miva Empresa. To fix this security problem, you must Upgrade Miva Empresa on your server to the latest version.


We have created a script to help you with the installation process of Miva Empresa. Please see the detailed instructions based on what you will be doing


Online Miva documentation can be found at the Miva Support web site:

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