Procmail is an E-mail processing utility and language. It can be used to filter incoming E-mail and process it.


To install procmail, SSH to your VPS v2 as root and run the following command from the prompt.

# vinstall procmail

This will install the procmail program and utilities to your VPS v2. The next step is to configure sendmail to use procmail as the local delivery agent (LDA) using the M4 macros.

In the .mc file you will be using, add the following line.

FEATURE (`local_procmail_lmtp')

Check to make sure your .mc file does not have any other local delivery agents. You may have to remove or comment out the local_lmtp delivery option.

# FEATURE (local_lmtp)

Follow the instructions for using the M4 macros to build your .cf file and copy it to the /etc/mail/ file. You will need to restart sendmail to start using the new with procmail.

Configuring Procmail

You can customize the behavior of procmail by creating a procmailrc file. The file must be located in your /usr/local/etc/ directory, or a user can have a .procmailrc file in their home directory.

The following document discusses a few good mail filtering recipies you can create for procmail.


NOTE: All questions sent to the Support Staff with regard to Procmail configuration will be answered with a URL to this page.

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