PHPPHP4 is a popular, freely available web applications development tool. PHP4 includes an HTML-embedded scripting language and a server-side preprocessor that interprets the HTML-embedded code in order to create dynamically generated web pages. PHP4 also supports several databases, including MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and is commonly used for the development of database enabled web sites.

PHP4 is the newest version of PHP. It became available on May 22, 2000 and offers improved performance, scalability, features, and extensibility over previous versions.


NOTE: Most PHP3 scripts should work properly with PHP4. If you have PHP3 scripts that don't work in PHP4, however, a few PHP3 apache modules are available on FreeBSD Virtual Private Servers.

The best way to install PHP4 is to install the mod_php4 Apache Module. PHP4 can also be installed as a CGI to which PHP4 files are redirected by your web server. Choose one of these:

NOTE: With the release of PHP4.2.2, one of the default settings has been changed. This has been found to affect several commonly used scripts, including TWIG. If you are using TWIG or are having trouble with scripts that worked without problems prior to upgrading to version 4.2.2, create a file named php.ini in the ~/usr/local/lib/ directory of your Virtual Private Server. The php.ini file needs to contain at least this line:

register_globals = On

NOTE: Any version of PHP prior to 4.2.2 has a known security vulnerability which can compromise your Virtual Private Server. If you are using PHP4.1.2 or earlier, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the most recent version.

TWIG - Web-Based E-Mail and More

TWIG (The Web Information Gateway) is a powerful web-based intranet/groupware tool and application framework. It is implemented using PHP, an HTML-embedded scripting language, and the MySQL database application.

More Information

For additional information about PHP4, including documentation, see:

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