Several popular CGI scripts have been provided for use on your VPS. To use any of the scripts, you will need to copy or link them from their location in the /usr/local/share/contrib/ directory of your VPS into the cgi-bin of the domain that will be using them. The following example illustrates how to copy the counter CGI to the primary cgi-bin directory. (These commands must be run as root from the VPS command prompt).

# cd /usr/local/share/contrib
# cp -r counter /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/

You will need to change the ownership of the CGI scripts and directories to be the same as the owner of the cgi-bin directory they are being used by. the following example would change the ownership of the counter directory and its contents to the webadmin user.

# cd /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/
# chown -r webadmin counter

Available Scripts

The following scripts are included in the CGI library

  • cgiemail - Allows you to send Email messages from a Web based form
  • comments - Allow users to provide feedback using a Web based form
  • counter - Track and display the number of hits your pages get
  • finger - The finger CGI allows you to check to see if a user is online
  • guestlist - Guestlists allow visitors to leave their name and comments
  • iwhois - Check domain name availability using a web-based utility
  • redirect - allow users to jump between pages using a simple form
  • tts - Check the TTL of a domain name
  • whois - Check domain name availability of any .com or .net domain.

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