ZopeZope is an open source content management systems which is both very flexible and powerful. Designed using Python, Zope uses a Web-based interface to allow you to quickly and easily develop a content management solution perfect for you.


To install Zope, SSH prompt, as root to your server and run the following command:

# vinstall zope

The Zope installation starts by checking for and installing (if they don't already exist) some packages that are required for Zope to work. These include Python and ZMySQLda (which allows Zope to talk to a MySQL database). You will then be guided through some basic configuration steps:

  1. For the admin password, enter a password that you or the Zope administrator will be able to remember. When typing in the password, you won't see the cursor move. After you enter the password once, you will need to confirm it by entering it again.

  2. When asked if you want to configure an emergency access user, you should select yes. Create the emergency user with a username and password you will be able to remember; you will need to use the emergency user to fix your admin user if you ever get locked out.

  3. When prompted to select the encryption format, you should select CRYPT, the standard UNIX encryption method.

  4. Domain restrictions allow you to configure specific domains with permission to access zope. Add any domain names you want to allow access to your Zope server (be sure to include the one you are connecting from). You can change the domain access restrictions later if you want to add or remove any domains from the list.


Once Zope is installed on your server, you can access the Web-based administration section by going to the following URL:


When prompted, use admin for the username, and the admin password you configured during the install.

NOTE: Zope actually runs on a different port than your web server. If you are unable to access Zope using the /zope/ path, try connecting directly to the port:


For help using zope and the management interface, read the Zope Book.

More Information

There is a large community of Zope users and extensive information provided by them for Zope users, administrators, and developers.

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