Find answers to all of your Solaris Virtual Private Server questions here!

  • Remote Administration
    Manage your Virtual Private Server using FTP, Shell, and Web-based tools
  • iManager
    Web-based Virtual Private Server Administration tool
  • Solaris UNIX
    Using the Solaris operating system environment
Web Server
  • Virtual Subhosting
    Your Virtual Private Server is capable of hosting many Web sites and their associated E-Mail and other services
  • E-Commerce Help
    How to set up your Virtual Private Server to do E-Commerce
Web App
  • Allaire ColdFusion
    ColdFusion is a popular tool for providing Dynamic Web content
  • Chili!Soft ASP
    ASP Engine for dynamic Web content
  • Miva Empresa
    Miva Scripting Language, used by Miva Merchant
  • PHP
    Dynamic Web scripting language
  • Java
    Java can be used to provide dynamic content to your Web site
  • Perl
    Perl is a popular scripting language, used for many CGI and shell programs
  • Python
    Python is a popular programming language used by programs such as Majordomo
  • Zope
    Zope is a team-collaboration based Web application development tool
  • MySQL
    MySQL is a popular SQL database used by programs such as TWIG
  • PostgreSQL
    One of the most stable and up-to-date SQL database programs
  • RealSystem Server
    Stream Multi-Media content using RealSystem's Helix Universal Server
  • Macromedia Flash
    Add interactive features, animated graphics, and more to your Web site
Web Site
  • Microsoft FrontPage
    Microsoft's FrontPage is a popular, easy to use Web site management tool
Mail &
  • E-Mail
    Send and Recieve E-Mail using your Virtual Private Server
  • Vnews
    Custom News server program
  • TWIG
    Web based E-Mail and News Group software
  • Cybozu/Share360
    Share360 is a cutting-edge team management and group work resource

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