Miva Empresa, formerly HTMLScript, is a Web applications development suite that allows developers to create complex Web applications with little or no programming experience. Miva includes a server based program, called the Miva Empresa Engine, which functions as a pre-processor that reads and interprets the special HTML-like Miva Script Language and then outputs HTML to the browser.

Miva works with Java, JavaScript, VBScript, and all browsers. Miva is also supported by HoTMetal PRO 5.0 from SoftQuad, a powerful development suite for authoring and publishing sophisticated Web sites.

NOTE: Miva has learned of a security issue in the 3.91 release of Miva Empresa. You are at risk if your server is running this version of Miva Empresa. To fix this security problem, you must Upgrade Miva Empresa on your server to the latest version (3.92).


Currently, the Miva Empresa Engine is provided for use on our Virtual Private Servers free of charge. This is dependent on the vendor and is subject to change at any time.

Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is a browser based storefront development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. Developers can use the browser based interface to build stores or can get under the hood with complete access to the underlying source codes written in XML based Miva Script. Merchants manage their stores with a user friendly browser based interface.

More Information

Online Miva documentation can be found at the Miva Support web site:

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