It is easy to include Macromedia Flash multimedia presentations on your Web site. You can use Flash content to add high-impact graphics, animation, and interactivity to your Web pages.


You may need to add the following MIME types to your ~/www/conf/mime.types file:

application/x-shockwave-flash  swf cab
application/futuresplash       spl

NOTE: After you make changes to the mime.types file, you need to Restart Your Web Server.

Embedding Flash Multimedia in a Web Page

In order to embed your filename.swf Flash content in a web page, include at least the following HTML code:

  <PARAM NAME="MOVIE" VALUE="filename.swf">
  <EMBED SRC="filename.swf">

The OBJECT tags are for Microsoft Internet Explorer and the EMBED tags are for Netscape Navigator. Substitute the filename of your Flash content for filename.swf. You can adjust and add other paramaters as you like.

More Information

A great Intro to Flash tutorial is available at the Webmonkey: A How-to Guide for Web Developers site.

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