We provide a wealth of useful CGI programs that can be easily installed on your Virtual Private Server.

CGI Description
SWISH-E Build a keyword index of the pages on your site and provide a search form to allow visitors to perform searches of your Web site.
FormMail This popular script is an easy way to handle form content and have it mailed to some specified address.
PGP FormMail This script is an easy way to handle form content and have it mailed to some specified address encrypted with your PGP public key.
Count 2.5 Hit Counter Record and display the number of hits to a web page. This CGI generates a GIF image of the number of hits and returns an in-lined image to the Web browser.
Hit Counters Dynamically count the number of times a page is accessed and display that count with numeric digits or graphical digits.
ImageMagick Manipulate images quickly and easily. Combine with scripts to interface with images on your website.
Redirect Allow visitors to your web site to jump from location to location using a simple form.
Comments Form Create a form to allow visitors to send you comments or information to a recipient of your choice.
Guestlist Form Create a form to allow clients to sign in and post remarks to a guestlist.
Finger Provide a form by which your clients can query a remote host for remote user information.
User Authentication Manager Control access to a particular directory on your web server using password protection. Administrate users, groups, and access permissions using a web based utility.
(Domain Name Availability)
Check the availability of a domain name ending with any of the international TLD's (top level domains).
Whois Perform a query exclusively on the InterNIC database (which includes the .com, .net, and .org top level domains).
DNS Template & Tool Suite These CGIs provide an easy way for your customers to transfer domain names registered with Network Solutions to your Virtual Private Server.
WWWBoard WWWBoard is a threaded web discussion forum and message board.
Wpoison Wpoison is a free tool which can be used to help reduce the problem of bulk junk e-mail on the Internet.

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