This page contains vital information that everyone needs to know to successfully manage their e-mail. Even if you are an e-mail veteran or you've used other e-mail services in the past, please take a moment to review this page. The information here will be useful to e-mail users at all experience levels.

Managing Your E-mail Accounts

The first thing you need to know about managing your e-mail, is where you go to make changes to your accounts. To make any changes to how your e-mail is set up you need to access your Control Panel. To do this go to (replace with your domain name). You will be prompted for your userID and your password. When the Control Panel is displayed, click on the link labeled E-mail Settings. (This page can be accessed directly at

From the E-mail Settings screen you can manage all aspects of your e-mail, including e-mail forwarding, POP e-mail accounts, and Autoresponders. Click on the links in this paragraph for more information, or continue reading this page for more e-mail basics.

Keep in mind that e-mail addresses at will only work as long as is an active domain name. If you have just opened your account it may take a couple of days before your domain is active and e-mail at starts to work.

Your Default E-mail Forwarding Account

Believe it or not, you don't have to do anything to get e-mail addresses at to start working! When your account is activated, a special Default E-mail Forwarding Account is automatically set up that forwards all e-mail messages addressed to anything to the e-mail address that you provided when you applied for the account. In the future, if you create specific e-mail addresses that go someplace else, e-mail for the addresses that you have not yet configured will still be forwarded through your Default E-mail Forwarding Account.

For more information on how to configure your default e-mail forwarding account, go to Default E-mail Forward.

Take a moment to make sure that your Default E-mail Forwarding Account forwards to a valid Internet e-mail address! Do not set it to forward to an address at if you have not yet created that address or your domain name is not yet active. If you set your Default E-mail Forwarding Account to forward to an invalid e-mail address, it will result in the loss of e-mail!

If you would like to change the address to which your Default E-mail Forwarding Account forwards to, go to the E-mail Settings portion of your Control Panel. When the E-mail Settings screen loads, look for the Mail Forwarding section (near the top of the page). The very first field under Mail Forwarding is where you can change the address that your Default E-mail Forwarding Account forwards e-mail to. You can change this to any valid Internet e-mail address. Scroll down to the bottom of the Mail Forwarding section, and click on the button labeled "Change" to save your changes.

The Master POP Account

Put briefly, The Master POP Account is an alternative to your Default E-Mail Forwarding Account. You might choose to use it if you don't have an e-mail address that you would like to use for your Default E-mail Forwarding Account, or if you would just rather have your unconfigured e-mail addresses sent to a POP box.

To activate your Master POP Account, simply remove the forwarding address from your Default E-mail Forwarding Account. (See above.) By removing the default mail forwarding address, all mail addressed to your domain can be retrieved from the Master POP Account rather than being forwarded.

When you retrieve e-mail from the Master POP Account, the popID and password are the same as your account userID and password. If you create additional POP e-mail accounts, do not to use your account userID for any of them because it is already taken by the Master POP Account. For more important information about using POP accounts see POP E-mail Accounts and How to Configure your E-mail Program.

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