E-mail Forwarding allows you to configure any particular e-mail address at yourdomain.com to automatically forward to another valid Internet address. For example, you might want all e-mail sent to president@yourdomain.com to forward to the e-mail address of your company president. Any e-mail addresses that are not explicitly set to forward to another e-mail address or designated as a POP box are handled by the Default E-mail Forwarding Address. See E-mail Basics for more information.

To configure E-mail Forwarding for an address at yourdomain.com, select the E-mail Settings button in your Control Panel. In the Mail Forwarding section of the E-mail Settings screen, use the field provided to list which address at yourdomain.com you wish to forward as well as the Internet e-mail address to which you would like it to be forwarded.

For example, if your default forwarding address is user@aol.com, but you want sales@yourdomain.com to forward to an address at Compuserve, your mail forwarding options would look like so:

All e-mail not specifically forwarded will be sent to:

@yourdomain Forwards to:

Unwanted E-mail

As you know, each domain includes a Master POP Account or Master Forwarding Address as a catch all address which can be used to catch all mail or improperly addressed mail to that account. Many of you have, however, expressed concern due to the amount of spam e-mail caught at some domains by this address.

In response to this we have created a new "waste basket" e-mail address to which unwanted e-mail may be forwarded. Any e-mail forwarded to this address will be discarded and irretrievable. You may use this address as a useful way to rid yourself of unwanted solicitations and SPAM e-mail which bog down your email downloads.

To discard unwanted mail, simply forward that mail to:

devnull@yourdomain.com (substitute "yourdomain.com" with your account's domain name)

Mail forwarded to this "waste basket" address at your domain will be discarded from the mail system at the moment of forwarding. This is far superior to forwarding to nonexistent address - such action will cause repeated failed delivery attempts that can bog down mail delivery in general.

Please use this address carefully as once mail has been delivered to this address, it is completely irretrievable.

**Please ensure that devnull@yourdomain.com is used as opposed to any other combination including just "devnull" to ensure that proper "waste basket" delivery of mail occurs and additional failed delivery attempts do not occur.

*** Important ***

  • Do not list addresses that forward to your Default E-mail Forwarding Address. Doing this would be redundant since addresses that are not specifically listed will automatically forward to the Default E-mail Forwarding Address.
  • Make sure that you do not create forwarding addresses that end up forwarding back to themselves. Doing so can create e-mail loops which can be extremely wasteful of system resources and cause a loss of mail.
  • List only one e-mail address within each box. Attempting to forward mail to more than one address (e.g. Forwards to: "bill@aaaa.com, bob@aaaa.com, barb@bbbb.net") may cause problems. The E-mail Settings interface is NOT configured to handle multiple forwarding addresses.
  • Do not remove the default mail forwarding address unless you want to retrieve email from the Master POP Account.

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