This section provides basic instructions for the majority of the common tasks associated with Virtual Private Server administration. Because the new Virtual Private Servers are designed to function like free standing UNIX servers, additional information about many of the utilities and commands covered here can be found online or in UNIX manuals.

User Accounts

Virtual Private Server user accounts grant specific people access to services such as FTP, E-mail, and shell, depending on the permissions of the account.

The UNIX Shell

The UNIX Shell is a command line interface to the VPS which provides a fast, powerful tool for experienced users and Administrators.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP is the standard method for moving files between computers. The ProFTPd server on your VPS is flexible and powerful.

E-mail Services

The configurable sendmail server is a reliable tool for sending and receiving E-mail. Your VPS allows you to manage E-mail aliases, mailing lists, and anti spam tools, as well as Web based E-mail clients and more.

The Apache Web Server

Web content is served using the popular Apache Web Server. Apache is easy to configure for multiple domain hosting, and can be extended using modules to allow support for PHP, databases, Java, and more.

The FreeBSD Ports Collection

The FreeBSD Ports collection is a library of programs that are already configured to run on the server. There are a large number of different tools available in the ports.

CPX - Web Based Control Panel

The CPX Control Panel allows you to perform many important administrative tasks from an easy-to-use Web based environment. Domain Admins can manage their own end users. Users can log in to manage their e-mail settings and files.

iManager - Web Based Control Panel

The iManager control panel allows you to perform many important administrative tasks from an easy-to-use Web based environment. We recommend using the CPX control panel instead of iManager (use one or the other but not both together).

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