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CPX is a powerful control panel that provides an intuitive web interface to administer your VPS or MPS account. Many of the day-to-day account management tasks can now be performed through CPX. In addition to user and domain management, CPX also offers an enhanced web-based e-mail interface and mail management modules.

One of the key benefits of CPX is how it empowers Virtual Subhosting on VPS and MPS accounts. CPX was designed in a tiered model giving you the ability to create domain administrators with end user management control. This allows each subhost and its respective end users the ability to setup and control their own accounts.

CPX Control Panel overview diagram

See the instructions on installing the CPX Control Panel.


File Management

The file management module allows you to navigate through directories, view and edit text files, download and upload files, create or delete files and directories, rename or move files and directories, and view and edit permissions.


A full-featured e-mail management interface to read, store and compose e-mail, manage folders, apply spam filters, store contact information, and manage autoresponders.

User Management

The user management module allows you to add or delete users, manage domain admin accounts, and view the status of user accounts.

Domain Management

Manage your domains easily with the ability to add or delete subhosts, set limits on the number of users and e-mail accounts, manage logs, and setup catchall e-mail rules. A Domain Administrator can set up new users and e-mail addresses for the domain(s) under his/her control, and upload content to the web site.

Mail Management

This module provides the management of e-mail so you can easily add or delete e-mail aliases, edit account settings, or even set up broadcast lists.

Profile and Preferences

Customize your settings to your personal preferences. Change your password, shell, and the date/time display for your account.

Online Help System

An online help system provides context-sensitive help for each screen of the control panel.

File System Configuration

Item File Location
Default web content /www/htdocs
Users' home directory /home/userid
Virtual hosts (under Domain Admin) /home/user1/www/
Path when user2 connects via FTP to upload content /www/


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