User accounts grant people the ability to access a Virtual Private Server, and help keep unauthorized people out.

Managing VPS User Accounts

Managing User accounts includes adding and removing users, changing their options, and setting quotas

User Permissions

Users on a Virtual Private Server can have E-mail, FTP, Web, or Shell permissions, or any combination of the four.

User Groups

Groups allow users who are working on common projects to share files with one another, or to have access to certain programs.

The Administrative User

Your VPS v2 was provisioned with an administrative user account. This account allows you to do most administrative tasks as well as check E-mail and use FTP.


The root user is a special user with full administrative power. This means that root is able to access any file or directory on a server, create or remove other users, and install or remove software packages. Because of the power of the root user, it has some limitations on how the account can be accessed.

System Users

There are several users who exist on your server for administrative purposes. Most of these are designed to allow programs to run properly.

User Password Security

Keeping your Virtual Private Server safe from malicious hackers is an important way to protect your internet presence. One of the primary keys to server security is in user passwords. In addition to protecting your passwords, it is important to have a password that can not easily be guessed.

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