Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems which offers many benefits to Internet and application programmers. The JDK (Java Development Kit) enables developers to:

  • Write software on one platform and run it on another.
  • Create programs to run within a web browser.
  • Develop server-side applications for online forums, stores, polls, processing HTML forms, and more.

The VPS v3 Pro Plus (FreeBSD or Linux) supports the latest versions of the Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JDK contains the Java compiler, Java executable, Java Runtine Environement (JRE), a Virtual Machine as well as the bulk of the standard Java libraries. Because of the memory requirements of Java, it is available only on VPS Pro Plus accounts.


Use the following steps to install the JDK or JRE on your VPS Pro Plus server:

Due to the nature of the Java2 license, there are several steps that you must go through in order to install Java on your VPS v2.

  1. Connect to your server through SSH and execute the following command from the prompt:

    # vinstall java_jdk
    # vinstall java_jre

    Instructions for downloading the JDK (or JRE) program files will display.
  2. Go to the URL given and click the link to download the FreeBSD 6.1/i386 package. You may be asked to agree to the license agreement before you are able to download the package.
  3. Upload the package to your server and place it in the /var/distfiles directory.
  4. Run the vinstall again:
    # vinstall java_jdk
    # vinstall java_jre
  5. The software license agreement may display. Navigate through the license agreement and type yes if you agree to the terms and to complete the installation.

Note: Ignore any warnings you receive while the vinstall finishes the installation.

Java Servlets and JSPs

Java Servlets and JSP (Java Server Pages) technology via the Tomcat server provides Web developers with a simple, consistent mechanism for extending the functionality of a Web server. A servlet can almost be thought of as an applet that runs on the server side. JSP is a server-side technology that is an extension to the Java Servlet technology. JSPs have dynamic scripting capabililty that works in tandem with HTML code, separating the page logic from the static elements.

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