Usermin gives your VPS v2 users access to their E-mail, file space, and user settings, along with a few other useful tools.

To access Usermin, go to the following URL in your favorite Web browser after you have installed Webmin and Usermin on your server:


You should see a login screen in your browser window.

usermin login

By default, any VPS v2 user will be able to log in to Usermin. You can modify who has access and what tools users have access to by going to the Usermin Configuration tool in the Webmin section of Webmin.

NOTE: Usermin is dependent on Usermin for various settings and configuration options. You will need to have Webmin installed on your VPS v2 server before installing or using Usermin.

Usermin Sections

Once you have logged in to Usermin, there are several sections of tools available. Depending on how user permissions are set for Usermin, not all of the tools and sections may be available to all users.

  • The Usermin section provides access to some basic Usermin settings, such as the language and theme which the user would like to use.

  • Users can access several E-mail tools in the Mail section of Usermin. This includes procmail configuration (mail filtering), mail forwarding, and a tool for reading and sending E-mail.

  • The Login section allows a user to change their password, view their processes, modify user information and login options, and access the server over SSH (if they have shell permissions).

  • In the Applications section, users can manage the behavior of Apache, Mysql, or GnuPG in their userspace. Most users will not need these tools, and access to these tools should only be provided as needed.

  • The Others section allows users to check their quota usage, manage Cron jobs, and access their file space using the File Manager.

Checking Mail

One of the most popular uses for Usermin is to allow your users to read and send E-mail through a web-based interface. Usermin provides this capability in the Read Mail tool of the Mail section. Users can send mail from the Read Mail tool by either replying to (or forwarding) a message, or clicking on the Compose button. The tool also includes an address book for storing and using common E-mail addresses, and the ability to store messages in various folders.

NOTE: In order for the Usermin Mail tools to work properly, VPS v2 users will need to have E-mail and FTP permissions.

Additional Information

You can read more about Usermin and how to use it at the Webmin website:

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