It may be necessary to occasionally restart your Virtual Private Server Apache Web Server. For example, you may wish to restart after making web server configuration additions or modifications, or to correct any problems the web server may be experiencing. Any time you make changes to your web server configuration file (/www/conf/httpd.conf) you will need to manually restart your web server.

Connect to your Virtual Private Server via SSH, su to root, and execute the following command:

# restart_apache

All active web server processes will be killed, and new web server processes will be started. You can determine if Apache Web Server started by running the following command:

# top

Apache processes will show as httpd or httpsd.

Using the Apachectl interface

Apache Web Server has a server control interface. The interface can also be used to restart the web server. To restart Apache Web Server using the interface, connect to your VPS server via SSH, su to root, and run the following command:

# apachectl restart  

Typically if Apache Web Server will not start a syntax error is present in the web server configuration file (/www/conf/httpd.conf). You can run the following command to see if there are any errors in the file:

# apachectl configtest


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