NOTE: These instructions are for NEW installations of Miva Empresa only. If you already have a version of Miva Empresa installed on your Virtual Private Server, please see the upgrade instructions.

There are two different versions of Miva Empresa available for use on your Virtual Private Server, depending on whether you want to use the older run-time parsed Miva Script (.mv files) format or the newer pre-parsed (.mvc files) style. If you are installing Miva Empresa for use with the Miva Merchant E-commerce package, you need to know which version of Miva Merchant your store license is for. Any version of Miva Merchant after 4.14 will require the pre-parsed version of Miva Empresa, and earlier versions of Merchant will require the run-time parsed version of Empresa.

Once you know which version of Empresa you will be installing, SSH or telnet to your Virtual Private Server and run the following command.

% vinstall miva-empresa

The Miva Empresa installation script will prompt you to choose which version of Empresa to install. Depending on which version of Empresa you select, the installation script will create the appropriate files in your ~/usr/local/miva/ directory.

The installation script will add a number of directives to your httpd.conf file and run restart_apache to use the new directives. To test that Miva Empresa is working properly, copy diag.mvc or (depending on your version of Miva Empresa) from ~/usr/local/miva/mivadir/ to your ~/www/htdocs/ directory, then open one of the following URLs in your favorite browser (depending on which file you copied over).


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