savelogs is meant to be a complete Web Server Log Rotation program. savelogs can rename, archive, compress, and delete (or any combination of the above) as well as provide newsyslog-type log rotation (see newsyslog(8) for details). Options may be specified on the command-line or in a configuration file. Besides archiving single logs, savelogs can search your Web Server Configuration File and automatically rotate logs defined there.


To install savelogs, follow the instructions that correspond to your Virtual Private Server O/S.

  • FreeBSD & Solaris [savelogs 1.32]
    Connect to your server via SSH or Telnet and run this command:

    % vinstall savelogs

    (t)csh shell users may have to rehash their path before running savelogs or viewing the man page:

    % rehash

    A sample configuration file has been placed in ~/etc/savelogs.conf.sample. If you wish to use the configuration file, we recommend that you rename this file to ~/etc/savelogs.conf before using it (so that if you ever upgrade savelogs you won't lose your configuration file).


See the savelogs Man Page:

% man savelogs

Also check out the rotation Man page:

% man rotation

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