Your Virtual Private Server includes a powerful and flexible E-mail server based on sendmail, one of the most widely used E-mail servers available. In addition to being able to send and receive E-mail messages for any domain hosted on your Virtual Private Server, you can set up message forwarding, automatic responses, message filters, and mailing lists, as well as a number of other things.

Configuring Your E-Mail Server

Your Virtual Private Server's E-mail server uses the sendmail program to send and receive messages. You can also use procmail to help filter and route messages. Other programs you can add to your E-mail server can help prevent spam, manage mailing lists, and more.

Configuring E-mail Accounts

Your E-mail server uses the standard Virtual Private Server User Accounts for sending and receiving messages. Each user can be set up with a number of tools to help route incoming messages for them.

Configuring E-mail Clients

In order to help you start sending and receiving E-mail messages with your Virtual Private Server accounts, we have compiled instructions for configuring many popular E-mail client programs. See Configuring E-mail Clients for more information.

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