Many Java applications consume significant CPU and memory resources and may not be appropriate for use on a VPS. Java applications on a VPS should be restricted for use only on websites with a low expected workload. In addition, some larger Java applications may not be suitable for use on a VPS even with low workloads.

There are a wide range of Java-based applications. Some are designed to handle multiple services and others focus on a smaller range of services. As an example, Zimbra is open-source server and client software used to process email, group calendaring, and contacts. In addition, the software supports Web document management and authoring. The software offers a wide range of services, some of which duplicate applications included with the default configuration of Linux VPS Pro Plus. The software offers these services by drawing on Java and its own, duplicate installation of Tomcat. These factors make the software better suited to a more powerful, dedicated server offering such as MPS.

Alternatively, JSP Wiki uses standard Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) components such as Java, servlets, and JSP. The software enables collaborative authoring for Web sites. The software enables visitors to comment upon, add to, or remove from Web page (or wiki) content. The open-source software focuses on providing a singular, unique service. It does this by utilizing the Java components which are part of the default configuration of Linux VPs Pro Plus. And the software does not duplicate services which are also supported by Linux VPS, such as email.

JSP Wiki is an example of a Java-based application which is well-suited to Linux VPS Pro Plus only when put under low to moderate workloads. Results will vary by application, but JSPWiki running on a Linux VPS Pro Plus will potentially handle up to tens of thousands of wiki page views per day. Should hundreds of thousands of wiki page views per day be required, upgrading to a dedicated server such as a Managed Private Server (MPS) is recommended.

Verio strongly recommends sufficient performance testing of your Java application on a Linux VPS before relying on it for critical business needs. Verio also recommends building contingency plans in case your Java application does not perform as expected; alternative solutions may include:

  • Extensive optimization of the Java application.
  • Moving the Java application to a dedicated server, such as an MPS.
  • Implementing an alternative solution to using Java (For example: moving away from Java to an optimized C program.)

For details of Linux VPS plan resource allocations and recommended usage, please refer to the Linux VPS Technical Overview.

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