NOTE: If you are upgrading a major version of Miva Merchant (3.x to 4.x for example), you will need to buy a Miva Merchant Upgrade License from Miva in order for the new version to work.

In order to upgrade Miva Merchant, you will also need to upgrade the version of Miva Empresa you are running. See the Miva Empresa Upgrade instructions.

Before starting the upgrade process, it is a good idea to create a back-up of your current Miva Merchant information. Use the following command to create a copy of your store in a back-up directory. In the example, Merchant2 represents the directory where your store is located.

% cp ~/www/htdocs/Merchant2 ~/www/htdocs/Merchant2.backup

If you have already upgraded to the latest version of Miva Empresa, or if you are installing Miva Merchant for the first time on your Virtual Private Server, run the following command.

% vinstall miva-merchant

The Miva Merchant install script will first check to see what version of Miva Empresa you are using. Depending on which version of Empresa is installed, the Merchant install script will install the appropriate version of Miva Merchant.

The installation script will also check to see if you have Miva Merchant installed in one of the standard store directories (store, Merchant, Merchant2, etc.) in your ~/www/htdocs directory. If the script detects any of these directories, it will ask you if you want to install into that directory, if you say no or it does not detect a previous installation, the script will prompt you for a path to install into. Select the default path or enter the path where your store is located.

If you are installing Miva Merchant for the first time, go to the following URL after the install script exits. In the example, replace the domain and path with the appropriate information for your server.


If you upgraded Miva Merchant from an earlier version, you will need to go to the page instead of This will walk you through the process of importing your old store into the new version of Merchant.

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