One of the easiest ways to expand the capabilities of your VPS v2 is to use the vinstall utility to add programs or utilities to your Virtual Private Server. vinstall is a custom tool provided for your VPS v2 to make the installation of more complex programs easy to do.

A complete list of the vinstall programs can be found in the vinstall Library. Some of these include:

  • FormMail
  • Microsoft FrontPage Server extensions
  • MySQL
  • Procmail
  • TWIG
  • Urchin

Using vinstall is an easy task that can be performed from the shell by the root user on your VPS v2. To begin using vinstall, simply run the command from your shell prompt.

# vinstall

If you know the name of the package you want to install, you can install it directly by indicating the name of the package at the same time.

# vinstall package_name

If you do not indicate a package name, vinstall will enter interactive mode and prompt you for more information.

Select an option:
?               view list of programs
install         enter install mode
module_name     view information about program_name
quit            exit vinstall program

To view what programs are available to install using the vinstall utility, enter a question mark (?) at the prompt.

To install a program, you must first enter install mode. Simply type install at the prompt, and you will enter install mode. You can then enter the package name at the next prompt, and vinstall will begin installing the package.

Typing the name of a program in the list will bring up a short dialog about what the program is.

To exit vinstall without installing anything, simply type quit at the prompt and you will be returned to your standard shell prompt.


Most packages that can be installed using vinstall can be removed using vuninstall. The vuninstall command follows the same format as vinstall.

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