RealSystem Server

RealSystem Server is a client-server based system which allows web sites to serve compressed pre-recorded and live audio and video media to computers with a RealPlayer installed. The RealPlayer continuously decompresses the media streams and then plays them in real time, on demand. Unique flow control technology allows computer users with sound cards to listen to whole clips, or just sections, when they want, as often as they want.

NOTE: Streaming live audio and video requires a significant portion of Virtual Private Server resources. A Managed Private Server is more suitable for live audio and video streaming.

RealNetworks offers a free 12 month license for the current version of RealServer. However, this is wholly dependent upon RealNetworks and is subject to change.


  • FreeBSD & Solaris
    RealSystem Server 8.0 is available.

    NOTE: Because of the nature of the Virtual Private Server environment, the RealServer Admin pages do not work on the Solaris Virtual Private Servers.


For more help, see the following documentation concerning the use of RealSystem Server on the Virtual Private Server:

More Information

Detailed technical information may be obtained from the RealNetworks Service & Support Directory.

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