If you require a Perl5 Module that is not included in the Perl5 Standard Libraries or a vinstall package, you may be able use the vcpan utility to install it. The vcpan utility is a wrapper around the perl5 -MCPAN -e shell command that automates module download and installation.

To launch vcpan into interactive mode, do the following, depending on your Virtual Private Server O/S.

  • FreeBSD & Solaris
    Connect to your server via Telnet or SSH and execute the following command.

    % vcpan

    NOTE: If you receive an out of memory error while running vcpan, you may temporarily extend your memory limits by invoking the unlimit command before running vcpan (also available in certain shells as ulimit):

    % unlimit
  • If you don't know the Virtual Private Server O/S, try the following:


To access the vcpan online help, do this:

% vcpan -h

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