MajorCool is a web interface maintence tool for Majordomo.

To install Majorcool, follow these instructions:

  1. Install Majordomo on your Virtual Private Server.

  2. Install the Majorcool software. The configuration utility will ask you a series of questions. To accept all the defaults just hit enter, otherwise you have the option of changing any of the answers. The only question you must answer with text is the name for your MajorCool interface.

    Do the following, depending on your Virtual Private Server O/S.

    • FreeBSD
      Connect to your Virtual Private Server via Telnet or SSH and issue this command:

      % vinstall majorcool
    • Solaris
      Majorcool is unavailable.
    • If you don't know the Virtual Private Server O/S, try the following:
  3. Change the file permissions for ~/usr/local/majordomo/ and ~/www/cgi-bin/majordomo to 755:

    % chmod 755 ~/usr/local/majordomo/ \


When you have completed the installation you can run MajorCool by entering:


Substitute your Virtual Private Server's domain name for YOUR-DOMAIN.NAME. The majordomo in the URL is the default name of the MajorCool CGI. You can choose a different name if you want during configuration.


For more MajorCool documentation, see the following.

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