Use the vnukelog command to clear your Virtual Private Servers log files. The vnukelog command can be used to clear the ~/usr/log/messages file as well as all Web Server Log Files and Virtual Subhost log files.

Use the -h flag to see all vnukelog options:

% vnukelog -h
Usage: vnukelog [-h] [-i] [-r]
   -h   display this message
   -i   enter interactive mode
   -r   nuke root server logs only
Use no options to nuke all log files on the Virtual Private Servers.

Use the vnukelog command without any flags to clear the ~/usr/log/messages file and ALL Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Subhost log files:

% vnukelog

Use the -r flag to clear just the Virtual Private Servers log files, and leave the Virtual Subhost log files intact:

% vnukelog -r

Use the -i flag to enter an interactive mode that allows you to clear just the Virtual Private Server and Virtual Subhost log files you want to clear.

% vnukelog -i


You can easily use the Cron program scheduler feature to schedule vnukelog to regularly nuke your Virtual Private Servers log files. Add something like this to your crontab:

0 1 1 1-12/3 * /usr/local/bin/vnukelog

This will run the command /usr/local/bin/vnukelog (which clears all of your Virtual Private Server log files) at 1 AM on the first day of the first month of every quarter, or January, April, July, and October (1-12/3).

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