The function that follows will allow you to quickly replace MPS.SendMail in all of your ASP scripts.

To use the function, first place it at the begining of any scripts that currently use MPS.Sendmail. Once you've done that, remove any lines reading 'Set something = Sever.CreateObject ("MPS.SendMail")', then replace all occurances 'something.SendMail' with 'sendMessage'.

For example, this:

 something = Server.CreateObject("MPS.SendMail")
 errorCode = something.SendMail ("From", "To", "Subject", "Body")

would become this:

 errorCode = sendMessage ("From", "To", "Subject", "Body")

Function sendMessage (mailFrom, mailTo, mailSubject, mailBody)
    ' sendMessage takes the same parameters as MPS.SendMail
    ' response = sendMessage (From, To, Subject, Body)
    Set mailer = Server.CreateObject ("SMTPsvg.Mailer")

    mailer.FromAddress = mailFrom
    mailer.AddRecipient "", mailTo
    mailer.Subject = mailSubject
    mailer.BodyText = mailBody

    mailer.RemoteHost = ""

    If mailer.Sendmail then               ' Send message
        sendMessage = True                ' E-mail was sent ok, return True
    else                                  ' Send Failure   
        sendMessage = mailer.Response     ' Return error message
    end if

end function

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