This is a basic example of an ASP script that will send the results of any form that uses the POST method to an e-mail address.

NOTE: ASP controls the order in which form items are passed to the script. To keep the form items in a logical order would require extra processing and would limit the types of forms that could be used.

  set mailer = server.createobject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")

  Mailer.FromName = "From E-mail Name"
  Mailer.FromAddress = "fromaddress@mysite"
  Mailer.RemoteHost = ""
  Mailer.AddRecipient "Your Name Here", "Your E-mail Address Here"
  Mailer.Subject = "Forms2Email"

  For each Item in Request.Form ' Loop through each Form item
     strMsgInfo = strMsgInfo & Item & ": " & Request.Form(Item) & vbCrLf

  strMsgHeader = "Form information follows" & vbCrLf & "*************"
  strMsgFooter = vbCrLf & "*************"
  Mailer.BodyText = strMsgHeader & strMsgInfo & strMsgFooter

  if Mailer.SendMail then
     Set Mailer = Nothing     
     ' Message sent Ok, redirect to a confirmation page
     Response.Redirect ("http://mysite/confirm.htm")
     Set Mailer = Nothing
     ' Message send failure
     Response.Write ("An error has occurred.<BR>")
     ' Send error message
     Response.Write ("The error was " & Mailer.Response)
  end if

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