The .NET Framework offers over 4500 classes that encapsulate rich functionality such as XML, data access, file upload, regular expressions, image generation, SMTP mail, and much more. Some of the additional functionality offered by .NET Framework includes the following:

  • The ability to write ASP.NET applications in the following programming languages:
    • VB.NET
    • C#
    • Jscript.NET

    In " classic" ASP, JScripts were limited to only VBScript, Jscript and PerlScript.

  • ASP.NET Web Forms
    • Forms support a large variety of server controls are available and you can even write your own user or server controls.

  • ASP.NET pages are compiled instead of interpreted like classic ASP: this can dramatically increase web site performance

  • Out-of-Process Session State
    • Session variables are no longer be lost when a web site is restarted or even if the server is restarted.
    • Improved reliability for your web site

  • Business Objects
    • You can create .NET business objects (compiled DLLs) for your web applications.

  • XML Web Services
    • You can create inter-operable web services to communicate and share data over the Internet regardless of the operating system or the programming language.

  • Improved Data Access Support
    • ADO.NET support:  ADO.NET provides consistent access to data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server as well as data sources exposed via OLE DB and XML.

  • Third-Party Component Replacement
    • ASP.NET provides alternatives to ASPMail and ASPUpload. It also enables new functionality -- such as image generation, encryption and more -- that, in the past, have always required third-party components.

  • Mobile Device Support
    • ASP.NET Mobile Internet Toolkit allows you to target cell phones, PDAs and other types of mobile devices easily. Currently, over over 80 mobile devices are supported with just one code base!
    • Based on the requesting device, ASP.NET automatically generates the appropriate WAP/WML, HTML or iMode code.

  • Ability to take advantage of new development tools such as Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET Web Matrix, Dreamweaver MX, and more.
    • Existing ASP code is still supported and works fine when the servers are enabled with ASP.NET.

    Note: To take advantage of .NET's increased stability and performance, we advise that you rewrite your site in ASP.NET code.

Getting In-depth .NET Information

For detailed technical information and "how-to" advice regarding .NET features and functionality, we recommend that you visit these sites: - This Microsoft sub-site offers excellent information on .NET's many abilities. The site also has a regularly updated library of numerous ASP.NET information articles

GoDotNet - A large and well established on-line community devoted to understanding the many facets of ASP.NET's functionality.

Microsoft.NET - Microsoft's own .NET site. Here, you'll find answers to many common questions regarding .NET, its uses and its abilities.

.NET Framework -- Learn about .NET Framework -- "the comprehensive tool set for rapidly building and integrating XML Web services, Microsoft Windows®–based applications, and Web solutions."

Visual -- the product page for Microsoft's Visual Studio, a program to write XML and Windows-based programs that can be used under .NET.

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