If you receive the message "There is no DNS entry for http://www.yourdomain.com" or "unable to find server www.yourdomain.com," there are several possible explanations:

1) Try to reach the site using its IP address. If you are successful, the domain name may not yet be active or changes to it may not yet have propagated.

For a NEW domain, it may take several days for the name to be released by InterNIC and propagated to Domain Name Servers throughout the Internet. Foreign domains and transfers take longer. If you elected to manually transfer your existing web site you must make the necessary changes to your domain to point it to our servers. Though ITS can assist, we cannot make this change for you as it typically requires your login/password to your registrar.

If it is an older domain that has previously been reachable, the name may be on hold with your registrar. Contact your registrar directly to determine the reason the name is on hold. This frequently happens if the domain registration is past due.

You can check the expiration status of your domain name by doing a "whois" lookup.

2) If you can reach the site with its IP address and you know it has been more than 72 hours since the name was released by InterNIC:

  1. Clear your browser cache and try again.
    If you are using Netscape Navigator, first select Options | Network Preferences, then choose the Cache tab. Click on the buttons "Clear Memory Cache Now" and "Clear Disk Cache Now" and OK, then click Reload.
    For Internet Explorer Select View | Options, then the Navigation tab and click "Clear History" and OK, then click Refresh.

    Note: Netscape may require manually clearing the cache. With Windows Explorer find the Netscape folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Cache - then highlight and delete all files in the Cache folder - then click on Reload)

  2. If you know that others are able to reach the site with the domain name but you cannot (even after clearing the Cache), contact your local ISP. They may not have updated their DNS records.
  3. If you are still unable to reach it after all of these steps, contact ITS Technical Support for assistance. Be sure to describe all the steps you have already taken.

3) If you are unable to reach the site with either the domain name or the IP address you may be experiencing connectivity problems.

If you are able to reach ANY sites with your browser, go to:

(substitute your domain name in the URL, or IP address if your server is inaccessible by name)

NOTE: This TracePing utility is only accessible for Standard Hosting accounts (except Windows accounts). Such users are encouraged to run and provide standard ping and/or traceroute reports, if able, when contacting support. If you need to a traceroute from outside our network and you are not familiar with those provided with MS-Windows, we suggest using http://www.tracert.com/cgi-bin/trace.pl.

This program will take about 20 minutes. After you receive the e-mail from the program send the results to Technical Support so that ITS's support team can track the problem.

If you are unable to reach this URL, either wait until connectivity is restored and try again, or contact your local ISP for information on possible network problems. If your local ISP is having problems (such as their DNS server being down) then you will be unable to reach any sites on the Internet. Your web site will still be functioning to the rest of the world, but your ISP needs to correct the problem so that you can access it.

Please note: the information on this page applies to ITS web hosting plans. It may or may not apply to other environments. If you are looking for a feature described here, or better support from your hosting provider, please consider hosting your site with ITS!

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