Why Host With ITS?

Why We Are Different

We are often asked how our service compares to other local ISPs and web site hosting providers. Hosting your site with ITS allows you to have:

  • Excellent support and personal service from a local company
  • The performance and reliability of a major hosting provider

This provides you reliable service with a local touch, with no risk of waiting on hold for hours to reach a support technician.

Featuring "Private Cloud" Hosting

  • Multiple levels of redundancy
    • Redundant routers
    • Redundant storage (minimum 3 replicas of all data blocks)
    • VPSs automatically migrate in case of full server failure
  • Easily expandable hardware layers
  • 10 Gigabit network for storage
  • Second 10 Gigabit network for intra-server communication
  • High speed servers in a local data center featuring:
    • Physically diverse fiber connections
    • Extensive capacity (under 1/4 full when we moved in)
    • 24x7 staff
    • Limited physical access
  • Intrusion detection and prevention for all accounts
  • Uptime guarantee better than major large "cloud" providers

Comparing Features

When comparing our hosting plans with other services, make sure you consider the extra features ITS offers. Does the other service offer:

  • High performance?
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee that applies to individual accounts as opposed to all servers like some large cloud providers?
  • 24x7x365 on-site data center staff?
  • Daily backups of your site?
  • Off-site backups outside the data center?
  • Installation of security updates?
  • Multiple generators (with on-site fuel) in addition to giant UPS battery backups?
  • A low number of hosting accounts per server, ensuring fast web sites?
  • A money back guarantee?
  • Personal service from a local company (as opposed to a foreign call center)?

If you are not sure how another service's offerings compare to our plans, e-mail our Support staff with a reference to the web address (URL) of the other service, and we will give you an honest opinion.

A Word About "Cheap" Web Hosting

ITS provides high quality web hosting. If you look hard, it's possible that you might be able to find a service that can beat our prices. The goal of these services is to attract lots of customers, and make money based on volume. If you think about it, this business model encourages the service to overload their equipment and infrastructure by hosting as many sites as they can on their existing equipment. Some hosting providers run thousands of sites on one server!

Typically, these companies cannot provide the same high quality, full-featured web hosting as ITS, and do not have the capital to expand their operations, purchase new equipment, and provide quality support as demand increases. Our partner has the funding and customer base of an international company, and has proven their ability to grow with their customer base over the years.

In several cases where our IT clients have opted to go with other web hosting providers - even large providers like GoDaddy and Network Solutions - recurring e-mail problems, poor support, e-mail configuration issues, delayed e-mail, and the like have ITS so involved in diagnosing and fixing problems that it would have been far less expensive to host their site with ITS in the first place, and just let us provide support for free! Now that Google uses site speed as a factor when ranking search results, it is imperative that your site be fast.

We have even gained clients from "low cost" hosting providers that advertise a "99.9% uptime" guarantee...but the fine print says their network will remain online, not your web server. They even state they will repair web servers as soon as they can, but one or more days of downtime is not uncommon, and one such client was experiencing multiple outages each month before switching to ITS.

Your web site is how customers view your company. In this light, should you be primarily concerned with price? Or reliability, service, and quality? We believe your experience and results with ITS will be worth any small difference in monthly price, and our money back guarantee backs that up.