Windows Hosting Multi-Site Technology

A Step Beyond "Multi-Domain" Hosting

Our Multi-Site and Multi-Site Pro technology allows you to manage multiple sites under your Windows hosting plan as truly independent sites. You can start/stop individual web sites, view disk usage per site, and manage custom permissions per domain/site – without purchasing multiple accounts! Multi-Site Pro is also suitable for subhosting multiple independent web sites on one account.

Multi-Site Pro is now available on all current shared Windows hosting plans as well as all Windows Virtual Web Server and Advanced Web Server plans.

Multi-Site vs. "Multi-Domain" Hosting

Feature Multi-Site
Multi-Site Pro
Typical Multiple
Unique application variables per domain/site
Hosted with unique domain name
Custom Error Pages per domain/site
Custom Permissions per domain/site
Custom Default Document Order per domain/site
Can be stopped and started per domain/site
Global view of Disk usage per domain/site
Global view of Bandwidth usage per domain/site
FrontPage extensions per domain/site
Unique web server log files per domain/site
Catch-all email address per domain/site
POP accounts for each domain
Hosted as its own web site
Unique Web root per domain/site
Does not require a subdirectory in the main site
Does not require a redirect
Executable CGI directory for each site
Server resource control
(Resource Virtualization Unit allocation)
Disk quota management
Custom log controls
Site isolation
Multiple AppPools (Application Pools) with
optional site grouping
Bandwidth compression