The Default Certificate is a generic way to provide secure access to your Virtual Private Server. If you want to use your own domain name to provide secure access to your server, however, you need to obtain a custom digital certificate. This not only provides secure access to your Virtual Server, but provides an additional level of customer confidence by using your own domain name in the secure area of your site. ITS is an official thawte certificate reseller.

NOTE: Effectively, only one digital certificate can be used per IP address on a Virtual Private Server. This means that a custom digital certificate will disable your ability to use the certificate. This also means that any other domain on the Virtual Private Server will not be able to have a digital certificate with its name, without using a unique IP address, or a different port for secure communications. Accounts that add additional IP addresses will be able to use one SSL certificate per IP.

The following instructions will guide you through the process of obtaining and installing a custom digital certificate.

  1. Create A Signing Request and Private Key.
  2. Obtain the Signed Certificate from a Signing Authority
  3. Install the Signed Certificate on your Virtual Private Server
  4. Move or copy your Certificate to another Server
  5. Renewing your Digital Certificate
  6. Troubleshooting Digital Certificate Problems

As always, should you encounter problems or require assistance obtaining or installing your Custom Digital Certificate, feel free to Contact our Support Staff.

Please note: the information on this page applies to ITS web hosting plans. It may or may not apply to other environments. If you are looking for a feature described here, or better support from your hosting provider, please consider hosting your site with ITS!

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