TTL Tool

After you modify your Domain Name Service (DNS) information, you will want to have both sites active for a period equivalent to the time to live (TTL) information for your domain name. The TTL is the amount of time that the current domain name information remains in Internet Name Server caches. It is smart not to cancel a client's current hosting service until after a time equivalent to the TTL has elapsed. A quick way to check TTL information is to use the tool provided in the DNS Template and Tool Suite. You can interface with this tool using a FORM element such as is shown below:

<form method=POST action="/cgi-bin/library/tts/">
<input name="name" size=24 maxlength=72>
<input type="submit" value="Check TTL">

A working example of a TTL lookup form is found below:


As the root user, copy the tts directory from the /usr/local/share/contrib/ directory on your VPS v2 to the appropriate cgi-bin for the domain that will be using the script. Make sure to change the file ownership to the correct user.

Specify the return email address for messages created by the Domain Name Modification Template Generator. Do this by substituting the email address for INSERT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS HERE in the ~/www/cgi-bin/library/tts/ file.

# from whom does the email template get mailed

Be sure to place a \ character before the @ sign in the email address, like this: "myself\@YOUR-DOMAIN.NAME".


Two subroutines in the /www/cgi-bin/library/tts/ file are used to print out header and footer information. These functions are print_header_info and print_footer_info. Feel free to modify these functions such that the CGI outputs pages that are in synch with the motifs of the rest of your site.

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