Your Virtual Private Servers includes FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service. FTP is used to transfer files to and from a remote network.

FTP Clients

In order to use FTP to transfer files between a Virtual Private Server and your own PC, you must have an FTP client (program) installed on your PC.

Virtual Private Server FTP Configuration

FTP service is provided by the configurable ProFTPD FTP daemon. You are free to configure ProFTPD as you like. The ProFTPD configuration file is located at:


Use an online file editor, like pico, or transfer the file to your PC in order to make any configuration changes. Be sure to download and upload the ~/etc/proftpd.conf file in ASCII mode if you use FTP.

ProFTPD Configuration Directive List

NOTE: In order to use anonymous FTP, the user ftp must exist with FTP privileges on your Virtual Private Server. This user is set up by default in your ~/etc/passwd file, but removing or modifying this user could prevent anonymous FTP from working on your server.

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