Internet Mail Servers

In addition to solutions like Microsoft Exchange and CRM, ITS can install free mail server software that runs on any Windows computer in your office. "Why do I need a mail server if your web hosting accounts come with free e-mail boxes?" you ask. Having your own mail server allows you more flexibility, an unlimited number of users, a large amount of space, and can possibly reduce phone charges or bandwidth usage if your company is not using a DSL line or has a slow connection.

A mail server provides the following features:

  • unlimited number of mailboxes
  • unlimited number of auto-responders
  • unlimited number of mailing lists
  • users and PCs without Internet access can still send and receive e-mail to and from the Internet
  • will send and receive e-mail automatically, 24 hours per day
  • will process broadcast e-mail and listserver messages 24 hours per day
  • dial-up access can be blocked for any time period to reduce unnecessary late-night phone charges
  • uses a shared Internet gateway connection or a regular dial-up connection
  • can receive mail for your domain through a regular POP e-mail account
  • can be set to execute any program on the mail server upon receiving an encoded message
  • does not need to be a dedicated server

Since a mail server will automatically download messages, users' PCs can be set to check for mail automatically on the mail server, without fear of excessive phone line charges. If a user's mail program is set to check for mail automatically (Outlook Express defaults to every half-hour), and there are enough users in the company, the phone line could theoretically be in use 100% of the time.

Also see our anti-spam solution, ITS Mail Guard, designed for organizations with an in-house mail server.

Mail Server Features Described

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auto-responder An auto-responder will send an automated reply to an incoming e-mail. For example, an auto-responder could be used to send a standard text file to persons addressing or, or to indicate you are on vacation.
mailing list A mailing list is used for disseminating information to interested clients or users, or as public discussion lists on a particular topic. For example ITS occasionally sends messages to all our web hosting clients regarding system upgrades and annoucements.
POP e-mail POP e-mail accounts are the standard way for e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Becky!, or Eudora to receive e-mail. A POP account comes with virtually every dial-up Internet account.