MegaPath T1

MegaPath T1 Basics

  • Speeds available: 1.5 Mbps (full T1), 1.0 Mbps, 768k, 384k, 256k, 128k
  • Includes a static IP and unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Pricing
  • Save up to $200 off regular monthly prices with current rebates! Prices start at $450-500!
  • Over $2,000 dollars in installation/hardware rebates are currently available! (through August 31, 2005)
  • One year signed contract required. An early-termination fee applies if service cancelled within one year of initial installation and acceptance. A $300 re-installation fee applies if the customer moves within the year.
  • MegaPath's standard SLA guarantees apply

What is a MegaPath T1?

A T1 is a high-speed data link that has been a standard in the telecommunications industry for more than two decades. A T1 "local loop" is supplied by the local telephone company (ILEC) between the premises and the nearest central office. The cost of this local loop is included. In our area the ILEC is Ameritech.

From the nearest Central Office, the data is transported on a state-of-the-art optical network to MegaPath's closest Internet Protocol (IP) switch. From there, the data is either routed directly to the Internet or kept in a private network for inter-communication with the companies other branch offices and/or telecommuters.

A MegaPath T1 has all the benefits of a traditional T1:

  • maximum reliability, typically 99.99% or better
  • fast time to repair by your local telephone company
  • guaranteed 1.5Mbps data transfer between the site and the central office

A MegaPath T1 adds MegaPath's unique benefits:

  • demonstrated industry-leading customer care and technical support
  • one-stop shop convenience for all your broadband needs: T1 and DSL
  • the best overall value for your communications dollar

Why buy a T1 when DSL is so much cheaper?

MegaPath's regular 1.5Mbps SDSL product is priced at $399. Our T1 product, which also delivers a symmetric 1.5Mbps data link, is priced at $699 $450-500. Why the difference?

Not all customers can receive 1.5Mbps SDSL, but all customers in serviced Central Offices can receive MegaPath T1. Due to the technical limitations of DSL, only those customers less than 10,000 feet from the Central Office can receive DSL at speeds of 1.5Mbps. However, T1s can be extended to tens of thousands of feet; so almost all customers in serviced COs can enjoy the benefits of a truly fast data connection.

T1s are more reliable. In actual fact SDSL and T1s are about equally reliable, but in the event of a cable cut or other problem requiring repair by the local Bell Operating Company (RBOC), the RBOC is committed to start repair on a T1 within 4 hours, and complete repairs within 24 hours. Unfortunately the RBOCs make no commitment to the repair of DSL circuits, although generally they do start to repair within 24 hours.

Lower risk from proven technology. Companies have been supplying T1-based data communications services for more than 20 years. T1s are an absolutely proven technology - if a business requires minimum risk then the premium cost of a T1 may be worthwhile.

All MegaPath's products, whether T1 or DSL, are the best of class. All are delivered with MegaPath's total commitment to top-rated customer care and technical support. Your customer can buy either MegaPath's T1 or DSL products secure in the knowledge that MegaPath will do its utmost to ensure that they are completely satisfied.

Installation Process and Timing

The installation process is very similar to SDSL:

  • The customer has to have 2 unused copper pairs coming into his premises. (This is usually not a problem for business premises, but may be a problem for residences.)
  • Generally within 10 days from when we place the order, the ILEC returns a Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date to us.
  • The ILEC delivers the circuit to the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE); this is usually the location where all the circuits come into the building. Delivery of the circuit usually occurs within a few days of the FOC date
  • Our installation partner then contacts the customer directly to schedule an appointment for an on-site visit to complete the internal wiring (IW).
  • MegaPath ships the router directly to the customer (this is different from SDSL)
  • The IW tech installs a "smart jack" near where the customer wants to locate the router, and tests the circuit from the smart jack (this is different from SDSL).
  • The customer contacts our tech support and we walk the customer through plugging in the router and setting up his network (just as we do now).

The entire process takes a minimum of 30 days, but can take as much as 60 days, all depending on how quickly the ILEC reacts.