Nationwide Broadband Coverage

Our broadband solution partners have agreements with major phone companies nationwide, offering the ability to nationally deploy broadband branch office and teleworker VPNs through a single provider. As a result, their broadband footprint comprises thousands of unique Central Offices (COs). Suppliers include Covad, Allegiance Telecom, New Edge Networks, IP Communications, BellSouth, Pacific Bell/SBC Communications and Verizon. This gives our partners 95% or better coverage of all metropolitan areas in the United States. Even better, they continue to expand into cable and satellite arenas, in addition to the more traditional DSL and T1 connectivity.

What does this mean for you? It means that consumers can receive service, through a major ISP, not only to home offices and businesses in major metro areas, but also expanding businesses and distributed enterprises with numerous locations all over the country. Our partners' coverage, coupled with their proven reputation for quality customer care and technical support, gives you the most reliable broadband connectivity that is required for businesses to succeed in today's marketplace.

To find out what services are available in your area, simply fill out our request form. This way we can give you accurate information on exactly what is available at your location.